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Users of the stand-alone version can download updates to the database and new versions of the program for free (The filesize is about 74 MB).

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    You have reached an old version of the SPIN database server. Please update your links or shortcuts to point to the domainname


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    SPIN is available in two versions: As a program and a database for download and here on the Internet. The stand-alone version gives some further possibilities when reporting and exporting the data.

    ONL_search.PNG Follow this link to search the online version of the database.
    ONL_Browse.PNG Follow this link to browse the online version of the database.
    ONL_download.PNG Click this link to download the 74 MB off-line version of the database.


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     TitleOwnerCategoryLast UpdatedSize (Kb) 
    CAS No for dangerous substances Administrator Account 5/4/2009 1,264.64 Download
    Key figures of The Nordic Product Registers Administrator AccountDocument4/10/2014 135.65 Download
    Product Registers in Europe Administrator AccountReport3/19/2007 250.38 Download
    The Nordic Product Registers and the future REACH substance database Administrator AccountReport6/23/2009 Unknown Download
    UC62 categories with explanatory text Administrator Account 5/16/2012 87.55 Download
    UCN codes Administrator Account 11/11/2014 666.75 Download
    Udbudsdokumenter Administrator Account 4/22/2014 8,880.18 Download


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    Incorrect data - Friday, November 02, 2012
    Incorrect data have unfortunately been published in the database SPIN in the latest data for Sweden. It is possible to search for quantities of chemical substances per product type at the website (Use Cat. UC62 and Use Cat. Nation) in SPIN. Those quantities were previously wrong and have now been corrected.  
    News in SPIN Exposure Toolbox - Thursday, June 07, 2012
    The human exposure part in the Use Index (UI) tools has been developed. The former index indicates potential exposure mainly from private consumptions. From 2012, Use Index for “human” is complemented with a new Use Index that covers potential occupational exposure (“occupational”). The Use Index for “human” has at the same time been renamed to “consumer”. The new Use Index was released on SPIN in May 2012, and is applied from 2010 years Product Register data.  
    CAS No for dangerous substances - Monday, May 04, 2009

    In Sweden and Denmark lists of substances belonging to generic groups in annex I to directive 67/548/EEC have been developed resulting in tables covering all CAS numbers with harmonised classifications from the authorities. Though the two tables has not yet been worked over to identify differences and possibly errors, NPG has chosen to put the tables with CAS numbers and Index number on our home page, as a help for those, who are not sure if a harmonised classification is available for a specific substance. Find the document under the NPG documents section on this page ... 


    New report: The Nordic Product Registers and the future REACH substance database. - Friday, March 02, 2007

    A new report: 'The Nordic Product Registers and the future REACH substance database. Comparison of the registration systems and options for future developments' is now available. The European Commission launched on 29 october 2003 its proposal for a new chemical legislation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). In 2006 the Nordic Chemicals Group granted funds to the Nordic Product Register Group to start a joint Nordic project on "The Nordic Product Registers and the future REACH substance database. Comparison of the registration systems and options for future developments". The objective of the project was to clarify the extent of overlap between REACH substance database and the Product Registers and characterize the added value of the Nordic Product Registers.The REACH substance database and the Product Registers are different systems. These differences are compared and discussed in this report with proposals for use of Product Register information in the implementation of REACH. Read more ...


    The Nordic Product Registers - a presentation - Thursday, February 22, 2007

    A presentation of The Nordic Product Registers is now available. The report gives a short review of the structure and data in The Nordic Product Registers. The Nordic Product Registers are national registers containing information on chemical substances and products. Read more...


    SPIN CMS - Tuesday, February 13, 2007
    The SPIN homepage is run in DotNetNuke CMS. You can find more information about this and extensive help on this link.   read more...
    SPIN New Version in the air - Tuesday, February 13, 2007
    This site represents the new version of the online SPIN database: New CMS guided homepage, new design in the online database and new graphical reporting. We hope all of this will please our old and new users.  


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